We Love to Ski

We Love to Ski

Monday, February 27, 2012

Only In New England

It seems that our Bill Koch season is winding down already. Can you believe it? Our kids have become experts at skiing in all kinds of conditions, from fluffy snow to sticky snow to ICY snow. They've even learned things with NO snow. All the while fun has been front and center. Only in New England do you find folks so willing to take whatever weather we get and just go with it. We're adaptable, flexible, and undeterable!

Yesterday found the different ski groups cruising along on some pretty decent trails - some thin, bare, or icy spots kept things interesting. I have to say, though, that I was seriously impressed with what those grooming folks at Notchview can do with just a little bit of snow! After an hour or so of working up an appetite we all congregated back by the Visitor's Center for ice cream sundaes! Again, only in New England do people eat ice cream sundaes outside in the middle of winter!

The big news for Bill Koch clubs around New England this week is the upcoming Bill Koch Festival. All the details for this year's festival can be found here. What a great way to celebrate our young skiers and all they've learned this season! Don't forget to keep track of your kilometers skied this winter either. Here's the link for that.  In two weeks we'll officially end for this year, but if you're like me you'll be counting down until we are back at Bill Koch next season. Hopefully next year we'll have lots of snow to ski on. You know, only in New England do we appreciate a good snowy winter!